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Recent studies indicate that nearly 80 percent of all illness is stress related

Stress can be managed effectively with Hypnosis. If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks and are taking any medications to treat your condition, please note that hypnosis is complimentary to your medical treatment and not a replacement. Hypnosis can help you learn how to relax mentally and physically and achieve a greater sense of well being.

Long term consequences of Stress and Anxiety:

  • high blood pressure
  • stomach ulcers
  • heart attacks
  • weak immune system
  • Irritable Bowel syndrom
  • Fears and phobias
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Depression

Other ways in which Stress and Anxiety can affect people:

Lack of concentration at work
Lack of desire to socialize
weight gain
Shopaholic habits
Lack of financial stability
Sleep deprivation

What can you do to manage Stress and Relax?
Stress Management techniques and activities to relax are very important. But, when worrying or stressing have been a long-term behaviors and nothing seems to help, Hypnotism is an effective solution to get to the root of the problem and establish new healthy positive behaviors and new ways of thinking and reacting to problems and situations.

By using a combination of Breathing, visualization, positive suggestions, NLP and Advanced Hypnosis techniques, people can learn to relax both physically and mentally and remain more calm and relaxed in those stressful situations. Hypnosis also helps to eliminate negative thoughts and increase confidence and positive thinking.

Benefits of Doing Hypnosis for Stress Release and Relaxation:

  • Develop a greater ability to relax and feel more in control of our thoughts and emotions.
  • Learn to remain calm even in stressful situations
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Develop a new feeling of Confidence and peace of mind
  • Enjoy more your work and life in general
  • Focus more on the present, rather than the past or future.
  • Get a better sense of well-being and empowerment.
  • Sleep better everyday.

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Can Lavender oil be as effective as Lorazepam to treat anxiety?

The answer is yes! Check  it out in this double blind study:



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Hypnosis is a safe and effective complimentary modality to your medical treatment

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