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Sleeping problems and Insomnia can happen at any point of our lives. According to Dr. Oz, about one-third of Americans suffer from sleeping problems, making it one of the biggest health problems in today’s society. We’ve all had a bad night here and there, but when it becomes chronic and it starts to affect our lives, it means it’s time to seek help.

Sometimes Sleeping problems occurs during stressful periods, but it can also happen without any apparent reason. Either way, if a medical cause has been ruled out, then the cause could be psychological.

Sleeping problems can have devastating effects on our mental and emotional health. it has also been linked to obesity and heart disease. Hypnosis helps to find the root cause of the problem and to eliminate the problem effectively. During hypnosis the person receives positive suggestions to fall asleep easily, stay asleep, to sleep more deeply and peacefully, while at the same time, we deal with the issues that cause the problem. Clients also learn to relax mentally and physically during sessions. During the process, it is also important to reduce stress related issues if they are part of the problem.


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