Am I the only one who thinks the Canadian health care system needs to change? After living in Canada for 13 years I am still not impressed with the Canadian Health Care system. I am sure there are doctors in this country who do a superb job, I just haven’t met one of them. And for those of you who read this from other countries, the Health care system here is not “free” but “socialized”, which means that part of the taxes we pay are destined to cover the billions of dollars spent on the health care system.

I have been going through a medical issue recently, I won’t discuss the details but I can tell you that my family doctor told me I potentially have something very serious and then said: “Oh, I’m so sorry” as if I already have a foot on the grave, before having done other tests. I use the power of the subconscious mind  and suggestibility everyday to implant positive suggestions on my clients’ mind to help them make the changes they need. So you can say I am quite familiar with the power of suggestibility and how everything we hear (specially if we are in an emotional state) can cause a great impression in our subconscious for either good  or bad. Needless to say, I was feeling great before I saw my doctor that day, then, when I left her office that day, I started to feel sick. That’s the power of suggestibility!

A better way to handle the situation would’ve been: “We don’t know yet what you have, and we need other tests to rule out anything serious”. Now I am dealing with the specialist I was referred to, who thinks that even thought the results show I don’t have anything malignant, I should have an operation anyways. As you can imagine, I am someone who favors alternative therapies over medications and surgery, so I agreed  to an MRI (as per the specialist’s suggestions) to get more information on my condition, only to find out that the request for an MRI has been denied. I thought to myself: seriously? Am I being denied an MRI just because they think I need to get an operation? Do I have to go to the States or Mexico to get one? WHY? Not the mention that even when my request gets approved, I may have to wait months to get one!

In my opinion, this is not medicine they are practicing. Have they forgotten that they took an oath to treat their patients causing the least harm? Over the years, I have gotten more results out of doing accupuncture, naturopathy, hypnosis and chiropractic care. Since I am self-employed, none of these services are covered for me, however, the money I have spent has been totally worth it and I will continue to use alternative services to treat myself.

I feel terrible for people who cannot afford alternative services and are left at the mercy of certain doctors who push surgeries and dangerous medications for conditions that could be treated naturally. But I hope for the day when our system will be reformed and more alternative therapies can be covered.