Hypnosis is very effective for insomnia and sleeping issues. Sometimes it can be caused by a medical condition, or due to stress or psychological and emotional issues, sometimes it can be due to a medical condition and psychological issues, or it might be a really bad habit. Whatever the case, it is always best to seek medical attention and use hypnosis as an alternative natural treatment to improve your sleep. Sleeping pills might help but they don’t address the issue, and most of us know they can have negative side effects and create dependency.

I have been working with hypnosis for the past 11 years to help people improve their sleep. The toughest cases are those when people have had insomnia for many years (10-20 plus years) and have already developed dependency on sleeping pills. But even they can get better, although it might take a little longer.

I recently received this wonderful testimonial from a client, I have to say that he was quite motivated to get better and very open to the process:

“I have been for most of my adult life coaching and mentoring people all over the world to become successful entrepreneurs, due to my extensive global travel I developed Adrenal fatigue syndrome.  I found Fabiola on the internet as due to my health challenge I was having major issues in sleeping.  In my personal development work I found how powerful the subconscious mind is in determining our future and most importantly fixing our present challenges.  Logically I was convinced that hypnosis could help me but still a small part of me was skeptical. I found Fabiola very knowledgeable, patient and truly passionate about Helping me overcome my sleeping challenges.   Her sessions was one of the major keys of  getting my body clock back to normal.  I totally with all my heart recommend Fabiola Miguel.”

Joe Garcia, Global Entrepeneur, President WhyJoeGarcia Inc., Oakville, ON

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