Since 2004, I have been helping people of different ages to overcome self-limitations, get rid of bad habits like smoking, overeating and certain addictions, deal with negative emotions like anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, increase confidence, heal past experiences, reach personal, professional or spiritual goals and live a more meaningful, balanced and joyous life.

My motto is: “You can’t change people and situations out of your control, but you can change yourself and control your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and how you react to what happens in your life”

I am caring, non-judgmental, honest and objective but also truthful when I think you need to take action.
My experience and training in advanced Hypnosis, NLP, Life Coaching, Meditation and kriya yoga have given me the tools that I need to help you deal with whatever might be going on in your life and build better habits, optimism, motivation, confidence, inner strength and resilience to face new challenges in your life.

My ideal client is someone who:

  • Takes responsibility for his/her life
  • Despite some skepticism is willing to keep an open mind
  • Cooperates and follows simple instructions
  • Does his/her part to achieve the desired changes
  • Shows up on time
  • Is honest throughout the process

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