Woman-looking-down-in-mirrorThere are many things that as women, we go through in our lifetimes. Hypnosis and Life Coaching can help with issues from Confidence, Self-esteem, Anxiety over dating, Life transitions, Toxic Relationships, Starting a new job, business or career, Stress over a wedding or marriage, Pregnancy, Infertility, Health issues and even Hot flashes during menopause.

Stress is a major contributor to health and emotional problems. We can’t eliminate stress completely from our lives but we can learn to control it and develop healthy ways to relax and a take a break. I have seen many cases where by reducing physical and mental stress, which hypnosis can help with, many unhealthy habits and behaviors improve as well as health or emotional problems. As women, we are usually taking care of others and we may not dedicate ourselves the time we need to recharge and reflect on our goals and dreams. When you come for a session, we evaluate where you are at and design a plan for you to achieve your goals.

During the process it is also important to find out if there might be an underlying issue causing the problem, many times these issues can come from childhood and are deeply rooted in our subconscious. For example, I have seen clients who find it really hard to say no to others which might come from growing up with authoritarian parents, or clients who are perfectionists, which sometimes stems from lack of self-esteem that is masked by achievements. Whatever the case, my goal is to help you live a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Hypnosis can help with infertility issues when there is no medical condition preventing conception:


Hypnosis can also help with hot flashes due to menopause, hormonal changes or stress. In many cases, it can be more effective than herbs. Here are links to an articles about it:



Most IBS sufferers are women! Hypnosis can be useful as a holistic non-drug alternative:


I hope you can take some time for yourself and invest in making those positive changes. You matter and deserve a healthy, happy, fulfilled life where you are the one who’s in control!

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