It was a very effective treatment compared to conventional treatment without the necessity of any medication. The sessions are simple, pleasant & comfortable. I feel fresh & rejuvenated and already started seeing positive results. I suggest this for everybody for personality development.
Srinivas, Mississauga
Through this experience not only did I learn to control myself and my habits, I also learned to control my stress level and way of thinking. The ability to put myself into a relaxing state of mind has proven useful and fulfilling
H.M, Mississauga
I found Hypnotherapy very beneficial. I no longer have tighting on my head and chest. No longer search out washrooms the minute I enter an unknown place or mall. I feel more relaxed and confident, I feel better than I have in years and the anxiety I had is gone.
Sandra Davidson, Brampton
Over a year ago you facilitated a past life regression and I want to thank you again, because the messages I received were to Say the things you need to say to people, and “Build community” and I have now created a community online with. It really was a life-changing experience!
Before I went into therapy I had read a lot on the subject of hypnosis and heard a lot of great benefits from it, however I was still a little apprehensive about using hypnosis therapy for myself. I decided to try it and see for myself how much truth there was to it. I am now grateful that I did persue my goal and that I let Fabiola came into my life to help me understand the personal issues I had lived with for a good part of my life. Fabiola helped me see who I really am, therefore, I intend to continue using hypnosis on a regular basis with the CDS that Fabiola suggests for self help. Thank you so much Fabiola and God bless.
S.L., Mississauga
I am very happy with the outcome that I had and fully worth my time and money. I Should have not procrastinated and I should have come to you much earlier. Thank you again
Shanaka Weerasinghe.
I am really really happy and I want to thank you SOOO muh for everything you have done! It has worked soo well! I downloaded the CD you gave me onto my ipod and whenever I’m get a bit stressed out about something I listen to it…it relaxes me a lot and i usually fall asleep when I’m listening to it because it is so relaxing! So thank you very very much, I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for me!
The hypnotizing sessions (for sleeping) have obviously worked so much ! They were super relaxing, I really enjoyed myself! I think that everybody should try them out because not only does it work, it also calms you down everyday. I really hope to see you next summer!
Nathalie, France
I am a non-smoker, and loving every minute of it. It’s wonderful to say, I am a non-smoker. Thank you so very much for helping me. I truly appreciate it.
Vicky Sutton, Georgetown
I would recommend Fabiola to anyone seeking help and therapy using Hypnosis. Hypnosis is still often misunderstood and stigmatized, which is undeserved, since it delivers remarkable results. Hypnosis has helped me grasp issues personally unknown to me. I have reached a better understanding of my life. Thank you.
DR. John Paul Trutnau, Mississauga Business Owner
I was able to get to the root of my problems and actually improve my state of mind in more ways I anticipated. I now feel connected to my inner self and I am more at peace.
L. W. Mississauga
I found the Experience Remarkable. I had been a smoker for 40 Years and I am proud to say that I am now a Non smoker and will remain a Non smoker for the rest of my life. Thank you for making this happen!
E.B. Mississauga
The First session was very relaxing, but the third session was a real break through for me, it gave me a total found freedom, a beginning to a second chance in life, and feeling a better person again. Thanks Fabiola, God sent you to make me whole again.
Penny, Brampton
Last July I started attending hypnotherapy with you, as I was lost in life. Thanks to your help, I have found myself, I gained the strength to work on my issues, I went back to school and discover a new passion in my life which lead to my career change.
W.W. , Mississauga
At age 68 and a plan to retire I needed to get rid of my smoking habit of about 35 cigarettes a day. Smoking 2 large packs a day was the norm during some of my 49 years of smoking. Knowing I smoked more when I was not working 9-5 I needed some big time help. Having tried most methods to quit smoking during my 12 to 15 attempts over the years, I chose the one that was my 1st. choice in about 1974. That was through Hypnosis and it was a no-brainer so to speak. I feel that most methods to stop smoking will draw your attention to what you are trying to do almost all hours of the day. Hypnosis lets your unconscious mind do all the work while you live your life as you chose to do.
It’s painless, no patches, no gum, no beepers & very little effort.
To achieve a goal that I thought was not achievable after my 1st. appointment & to say I have not had 1 smoke since is mind boggling. It’s been 6 month now & I will NEVER smoke another cigarette as long as I live.
Don’t let me mislead you, I never smoked after my 1st appointment, but I had four more appointments to rid my 49 years of the habit that started at age 19 through peer pressure.
Go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!
Signed: Smoke free for life Bill C.
My experience with hynosis was amazing. I had lost my memory completely for three months (after a car accident), I didn’t know my family, friends or any memories of childhood as well as day to day. Fabiola Miguel was able to help me in just a 2 hour session. It is amazing how the mind works in mysterious ways. This experience was well worth it. When the session was finished I walked out of the office with everything I wanted. I had my memory back and I new my family and friends as well as childhood memories. Fabiola said that whatever I didn’t have would come back in a few days and it did. Thanks A lot Fabiola Miguel.
Danielle Toupin
The Hypnosis experience was extremely relaxing and I now I feel confident I can face situations that I was so scared of before. I feel that anyone can benefit from Hypnosis. It’s definitely worth trying.
It (Hypnotherapy) has been very motivational and has made me commit to my Weight Loss Journey
Lisa Henriques
Thanks to the Hypnosis sessions I have overcome the depression I had experienced for years. I achieved emotional stability, self-esteem, a good relationship with my husband and confidence in myself. I also improved memory and concentration. The physical pain and ailments due to depression disappeared, which I never achieved with medication. For the first time in my life I feel intelligent, beautiful and capable of achieving anything I want. I’ve been also capable of forgiving those that hurt me in my childhood. Now I take care of myself better and I will never let anyone hurt me emotionally or physically again, because now I know I am worthy and special in this world
Beta, London, Ont.
I would like to say it (Hypnotherapy) helped me deal areas in my life that needed improvement. I think with the power of Hypnosis I am able to live a fullfilled life, with joyful moments that I’ll never forget.
Nick C.
I really enjoyed doing Hypnotherapy, it is very powerful and effective, you can really notice the changes in behavioral patterns
Perla Nuñez
I just want to say thank you. I notice a difference and improvement in myself and in how I feel and deal with things.
I found the experience to be very positive and effective, at least I approached it with an open mind wich seems to be the key. Looking forward to more sessions
Micheal Lloyd
I can honestly say my experience with the hypnosis to quit smoking was
amazing! I recommend it to everyone who wants to lead a healthy, amazing smoke free life. Thank you so much this experience is one I will not forget!!!
Thanks a lot for helping me overcome depression. I feel more motivated and positive now. I thank God for putting you in my way. God bless you!
Javier J.
My comments are very positive in regards to my personal achievements (with hypnosis). This way I also feel more motivated to improve everyday also in other areas of my life.
Nahum Landa

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