So many of today’s problems stem from stress and anxiety. Stress and Anxiety have become the biggest issues I help people with these days with Hypnosis. Sometimes we experience the Fight or Flight response several times a day in our western culture. While people who live the longest and happiest might experience it only once in a while. Stress is not the enemy, it is built in our systems to protect us from danger and help us survive. So, how did we get our wires so crossed out?

The stress response becomes a habit for many people, it happens automatically (it originates from the subconscious mind) which is why it’s so hard to control. What can we do about it? To begin change it is important to begin with our attitude. I heard someone say that attitude is 90% of life, 10% is physical. Well, that is great news because it means that if we change our thinking then we can change our response to different situations.

Hypnosis can help us adjust our thinking and get rid of the automatic Fight or Flight response, like anything else, it is a process. But since we work at a subconscious mind level, it is easier to change habits, thoughts and feelings.

Other things you can do to change your attitude are things such as: exercise, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, deep breathing at least twice a day, finding a creative outlet to release stress like journalling or taking up a hobby and gratitude among other things. Whenever possible try to get out of toxic relationships and develop nurturing healthier ones. Do you  have a job you hate? It’s time to consider finding a new one or changing fields. If it’s not possible at the moment, do everything you can to relax and detoxify mentally.

With Hypnosis I can help you relax physically and mentally and address anything else that might be contributing to the problem subconsciously. Part of my work is also to inspire people to take responsibility over their lives and do what they can to contribute to their success.

What will you do today to relax?

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