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Certified and trained Hypnotist Fabiola Miguel


What is the purpose of  Past Life Therapy? The main purpose of Past Life Therapy is one of personal, emotional and spiritual growth. However, it can also help overcome fears, phobias and other physical and emotional challenges in the current life. Some of the lessons that we may bring back with us are forgiveness, love, generosity, patience, social skills and emotional intelligence. This helps us to grow as human and spiritual beings and to improve our current lives as we lose many of our fears and become wiser.

Is this a safe process? Yes, it is very safe and gentle when performed by someone with specialized Past Life Therapy training. Just like during any other hypnosis session, you will be in control of your own experience all the time. And I, as your facilitator, will always make sure that you detach from any pain or uncomfortable feelings if this would happen.

What if I don’t believe in Past Lives? Believing in Past Lives is not a prerequisite, neither is your religion, during a Past Life Regression the subconscious mind can take people to the cause of the problem, and it happens to be in another body, in another time. Everyone  experiences it as very real and relevant to their issues or struggles in the present life. What really matters are the lessons, wisdom and healing that is accomplished through the session.

Are Past life Regressions real or are they just created by one’s imagination? While sometimes it has been possible to validate the information with the information obtained with the help of historians, archeologists, researchers, etc., not all regressions can be validated, especially if there are no records from that time or place. However, whether real or imagined, the most important are the healing, lessons of love and forgiveness, wisdom and insights that help improve this life. It can also be seen as a journey into the subconscious mind or soul that reveals the answers that we need to know at this time.

How many sessions do I need? You can do as many sessions are you need. But, It is suggested that you do at least 2-3 sessions. As with practice, the trance tends to become deeper and you will be able to get more details and insights about your experiences..

Do we relive the experience and feel everything that is happening? It is common for people to           see, hear and feel everything that is happening, almost like a dream. However, everyone is different and           some people may experience it in a more visual way, others will not see it clearly but may feel or hear what is happening. But it is also possible that people may just observe the experience, as if they were watching a movie in their minds.

Will I see people that I know in this life in a Past Life? In most cases the answer is yes.. And it is very common when people see a family member or a friend, and recognize them even if they appear in a totally different body.

What if I can’t get relaxed enough to enter a light trance? You can relax if you simply follow the therapist’s instructions. However, for some people might be easier to relax in the evening or on a weekend, as they are not so busy thinking about work or what they need to do afterwards. So, it is recommended to schedule a Past Life Regression at time that you think is best for you. Additionally, you can practice with a “relaxation recording” or hypnosis cd in case you always have problems to relax or if you live in high stress.


How will I feel after the session? It is normal to remember everything that happened during the session. You will be able to continue with daily activies. However, some people feel  tired, and/or hungry, and/or thirsty.  All that is normal and should be honored.  If possible, it’s wise to schedule an appointment at a time when you will not have too many activities to do after your session. As it is possible that you get more insights and thoughts about your Past Life Journey.  It’s also good to write up (or tape) your notes and reflections on the session afterwards as this tends to re-activate your memories and perhaps fill in some of the gaps.  The first night after a session is usually dreamless but beyond that, for a week or so, you might get relevant dreams so it’s good to keep a notepad at hand.

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The fee for a Past Life Regression which takes about 1 hr and 45 minutes is 220 dollars. You can pay by cash or cheque at out offices. You pay using any credit card through our online system:

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Past Life Regression in Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton. Fabiola Miguel, Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach.