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Fear of Death, Fear of Flying, Fear of public speaking, Fear of driving, Fear of heights, Fear of enclosed places (claustrophobia), Fear of needles, etc. I’ve heard it all! You can start by learning how and why we develop fears or phobias. Hypnosis can be a very effective tool to deal with all kinds of fears and phobias.

We have all experienced, at least once, some type of irrational fear, phobia or anxiety. It is important though, to tell the difference between a simple fear and something more serious that could affect our lives considerably, our mental and physical well being and prevent the realization of our goals and dreams. Fear is a normal human reaction and a survival mechanism that prepares us for “fight or flight” when we encounter a situation or something perceived as real danger. As human beings, we have the capacity to evaluate and rationalize the situation in order to do something about it and overcome the fear. However, not all fears are experienced in the same way, and when they are really strong, illogical and uncontrollable they are called phobias.

A Phobia is a very, unreasonable and out of proportion fear due to an object or situation that may not represent a real danger to most people. symptoms are stronger than those of a simple fear and overtime they can get more intense and cause other types of problems if nothing is done to resolve them. The main symptoms are: increased heart rate or palpitations, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, shakes, dry mouth,, fear of control and fear of dying. Some phobias can be so intense, that the person who suffers them will do anything to avoid facing the object or situation causing the phobia. Thus, affecting the life of the sufferer, self-esteem, confidence and achievement of goals. For example, some people can develop fear of flying on a plane after watching a tragic event in the news rafter a bad experience while flying. For some, the phobia can be so strong, that it can prevent these people from flying on a plane again.

What can you do if you suffer from a fear or phobia? The most important is to do something about it and not let the fear control your life. These days, there are many effective treatments available to overcome fears and phobias like Hypnosis which works at subconscious mind level to find the cause of the problem and eliminate negative thoughts and emotions. Because fear, phobias and panic attacks originate in the subconscious mind, they happen automatically and can turn into a habit, which is why, for the person who experiences them, it is very difficult to remain calm and do something to stop the symptoms.

Hypnosis consists of using different techniques to desensitize or neutralize the fear. Or in the case of panic attacks and multiple phobias, Hypnosis helps to find the cause of the problem which can be connected to traumas or past events. The number of sessions to eliminate fears and phobias depends on several factors such as the nature and complexity of the fear. So it is useful to learn relaxation techniques that can be applied any time to decrease the symptoms.

Fears can be overcome safely with Hypnosis. If you are taking any medications to treat your condition, please note that hypnosis is complimentary to your medical treatment and not a replacement. Hypnosis can help you learn how to relax mentally and physically and achieve a greater sense of well being.

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Hypnosis is an effective solution to get to the root of the problem and establish new healthy positive behaviors and new ways of thinking and reacting to problems and situations.

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Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if you have panic attacks or suffer from severe anxiety. Hypnosis is a complimentary modality to medical care, not a replacement.