As an advocate for a plant-based diet and a vegan myself, I offer support for those who:
Want to lose weight
Adopt a healthier lifestyle
Want to eat plant based most of the time or full time
Want to prevent heart disease, cholesterol and cancer
Get rid of addictions to meat products and dairy
Want to live a more ethical and compassionate life

Maybe you are reading this because you just want to eat more plant-based meals, reduce cholesterol, lose weight or because you are ready to make the change. Whatever your reasons, congratulations! Every aspect of your life and health will thank you for it. I decided to become a vegetarian in the year 2000 until 2012 when I decided to transition to a vegan diet. A Vegan diet consists of eating foods made of fruits, vegetables and grains,  and eliminating all products of animal origin. I am glad to report that in these past 15 years I have only gained a pound, which is not bad, considering I love food! I never starve myself, I catch colds less often than before, I always feel satisfied and full after my vegan meals and I enjoy enjoy eating even more than before. These days, we see a lot of celebrities transitioning, or at least temporarily, going on a vegan diet to lose weight. But in my opinion, the best part of a vegan diet is that it is much easier to maintain your ideal weight while at the same time you achieve better health and live a more ethical lifestyle.

Hypnosis Vegan diet

Veggie Burger. A Vegan diet doesn’t have to be boring!

There are many studies that prove that people who stick to a vegan diet live longer and healthier. Other great benefits are: reducing your risk of getting cancer, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation (a vegan diet is great for people who suffer from arthritis for example) detoxifying the body, reducing uric acid, reducing risk of heart disease, having more energy and alkalizing the body for better health. Some of the celebrities who have made the transition are: ex-president Bill Clinton, actor Jared Leto, actor Joaquin Phoenix, actress Alicia Silverstone, director James Cameron, tri-athtlete and Ironman Brendan Brazier, to name a few.

¬†Doing this transition gradually might be better for some. There are many beliefs, myths, habits and addictions to certain foods that many times prevent people from having success with a vegan diet. And that’s where Hypnosis can help! With Hypnosis it is possible to eliminate cravings, addictions to certain foods, emotional eating, enjoy eating more fruits and vegetables instead (which some might dislike), increase motivation to exercise and the desire to improve your overall health.

There are other benefits to making the switch to a vegan diet or lifestyle, such as: increasing the protection and welfare of animals, conservation of water, pollution reduction and living with more kindness and compassion in general. It’s never been easier to make the transition to a vegan diet thanks to the many products available in the market and the many books on veganism with information and healthy delicious recipes. Many restaurants are also happy to accommodate the needs of vegans, trust me, I’ve been there!

I use a personalized unique approach and system called 5-PATH which allows me to use more advanced techniques and to accomplish more in one session than other methods.

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